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Built on expertise. Bridging through empathy.

At Bridge Technologies, we provide workforce and staffing solutions that champion diversity because we understand the importance of inclusivity all too well. As an agency owned and led by women, our sole mission now is to provide strategic and inclusive procurement that never compromises on quality. In doing so, we’re able to uplift unique voices and secure elite candidates for IT departments across all fields.

The end goal, however, is a far greater mission. We’re committed to doing our part in building a better, more equitable future through philanthropic efforts that put the community’s needs first.

Diversity is the future of technology, and it starts now.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing elite staff augmentation services that prioritize—and understand the importance of—diversity. Our U.S. based team is trained to use diverse recruiting tools to secure the best talent to fulfill any and all staffing needs, no matter how unique.


If your team is in search of talent with niche expertise, assistance with temporary team augmentation, coverage for new initiatives and projects, leaves of absences, or help during high-volume work periods, our goal is to provide professionals from our pool of highly qualified independent contractors. Our candidates range in expertise across many skill sets, mastery of domain, and technologies and are available to work both short and long-term periods.


We believe in helping you find your perfect employee—and one of the most effective and efficient ways to do so is on a contract-to-hire basis. Both client and candidate are given the opportunity to truly understand each other for a short-term period; candidates are able to showcase their talents while experiencing company culture first-hand, and clients are empowered with enough time to make an astute decision without forsaking deadlines (or making commitments under pressure).

Permanent (Full-Time)

For roles that require permanent staffing, we’re dedicated to finding singular, high-caliber talent using specialized techniques and exclusive recruiting tools. We immerse ourselves in your corporate culture, goals, and needs to mine for unique benefits that make your company irresistible to your ideal candidate—and in doing so, satisfy all parties.

Our Mission

Although diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are finally making their way into corporate conversations, these aren’t just buzzwords for us. Instead, these are pillars embedded into the foundation of who we are and why we prioritize inclusivity and community support in our services.

Change, now more than ever, is crucial.

Bridge Technologies was formed by three powerhouse women determined to disrupt the IT staffing industry. The partnership was natural, but it extended beyond a synergistic collective of professional expertise. Bridge Technologies represents a shared, personal mission to make way for true progress. Our purpose is clear: we strive to bridge gaps within the IT world not only through diversifying talent, but also in giving back to underserved communities. By removing traditional barriers to entry and working to create opportunities for those who have long been excluded from the technology movement, we’re able to make a difference.

Just one open door can change someone’s life and in turn, change the course of entire generations to come.

Diversity Initiatives

In addition to inclusive, top talent procurement, we’re committed to giving back.

Our goal is to utilize our experience and resources to provide access, education, and success to underprivileged communities through the following programs:

  • ReachIT supplies essential training and equipment to high school students who dream of working in IT (or never believed it to be a potential career option), but lack the resources to get started on their journey.
  • Next Step empowers individuals with career coaching as they seek employment within their desired IT field. Our network of professionals assists in training, resume audits, interview preparation, and overall support wherever needed—and once candidates succeed in landing a position, we offer courses for continued education.

Bridge Technologies is committed to helping bring more diversity to the tech industry by empowering under-resourced young people of color in our community who are interested in tech careers. Our goal is to help secure a successful career pathway and give these young people the opportunity to break into an IT career and to build a strong financial future. Some of our grassroots initiatives include:

  • Sponsoring a Fall 2021 12-week intensive training where students learn how to build and design a website, how to write basic HTML and CSS, and how to promote small businesses on social media. Students are also taught leadership and soft skills such as business communication, entrepreneurship, professionalism, and problem solving. The course also focuses on professional skills such as customer service, project management, time management, job search, resume writing, and networking.
  • Donating technology to high schools. Talent should not be denied or excluded on the basis of privilege—so for every successful placement we make within a company, we donate equipment or provide access to necessary resources.
  • Hosting career development and training event series, which are held within our local communities to inspire and empower all.

Our Founders

We revel in the one-(wo)man founder stories, but there’s something particularly special about partnerships between women in the pursuit of a singular goal. Bridge Technologies is not only a celebration of our powerhouse duo ​but also a reflection of who each founder is at her core, too. These are the two industry veterans who united to charge forth on a revolutionary path for progress. Self-empowerment, mentorship, and providing equity in education drive each one to not only be the best in her niche, but to utilize her successes to support those around them. Here are their stories:

Marina Yurchenko


Marina is both an accomplished attorney and technology executive with a proven track record of financial and operational excellence. An advanced technical and law degree plus two decades of industry experience has granted her unique, insider access and the authority to provide expert strategic guidance. The through-line in her life’s work thus far is simple, but clear: talent matters, but economic mobility and career satisfaction are inextricably linked to access. Through every endeavor—and now with Bridge Technologies—Marina continues to carve opportunities with the mindset that everyone deserves an equal chance at success.

Ellen Look


Ellen is an experienced head recruiter and a dedicated champion for the Developmental Disability community. For nearly a decade, she led countless hiring and onboarding processes for the staff members who support the Developmentally Disabled in living independent, meaningful lives. Now though Bridge Technologies, Ellen brings both perspective and human resources expertise to the table in addition to a deep understanding of intersectionality. To be inclusive is to consider all—and she does so through leadership that values empathy, intuition, and quiet strength.

Careers at Bridge Technologies

Business Development Professional

We are a growing IT Recruiting firm and are looking for motivated, experienced Sales / Business Development professionals.  We have the best recruiting staff in the business to support your clients.  Our recruiters average more than 20 years of experience, supporting all industries.  We offer a base salary plus the highest commissions in the industry.  If you have the desire to succeed and make a lot of money, we have the platform for you

Technical Recruiter

We are a growing IT Recruiting firm and are looking for motivated, experienced technology Recruiters.  We are about 70% contract and 30% perm placement, with a large list of existing clients that is growing!  About 50% of our clients are leading financial services firms.  Among the tools that we use are LinkedIn Recruiter, JobDiva, Indeed, Dice and Monster.  We will consider Jr or Sr Recruiters for our open positions.  If you have the desire to succeed and make a lot of money and have 1 to many years of  IT recruiting experience please apply.

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